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Stop Bullying: Cyber Bullying Support for Kids The world is at a crossroads. Bullying has always existed but with today’s opportunity for bullies to hide behind keyboards, it seems to have become easier to write hurtful, embarrassing words about someone online than it is to steal their lunch money.

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Ella Lee My Message Today
Combating Bullying
SAN ANTONIO — A local 9-year-old is turning the tables on bullying. Ella Lee decided to inspire other children to love and accept each other. This week Lee published a book with the purpose of combating bullying.When most kids are dreaming of what they want to be when they grow up this San Antonio 4th grader is already living the dream.”My friends are like no fair, no fair,” Lee exclaimed. “But then they are like, ‘get me a copy.”The Carson Elementary School student penned the book “My Message Today” to inspire other children. Each page features a quote and a picture to help others think positively. “Trust God and you can do anything,” Ella read out loud.”Kids can enjoy it because it’s like a fortune cookie without the cookie,” Ella described. Her mother, Crystal Holmes, said Ella was inspired after going through her own tough times. She says writing the book and reading the book can be therapeutic. There are empty pages for readers to log their thoughts and reflect in writing. “I remember 4th grade was tough,” her mother recalled. “There were cliques and bullying. Ella just wanted to do something to tell others that they are not alone… and give encouragement and hope.” “She has a kind heart.”

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Precious Moments

Precious Moments Initiative

This program will allow you an opportunity to donate My Message Today books to kids whose families aren’t in a financial position to purchase one. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to hear God’s word and we are thankful for your support!

How will the funds be used?
We will distribute books as we see a need. This may be for a single individual or we might select a group. 

Can I specify where I want the donation to be made?
Yes and no. We would welcome input and keep your suggestion in mind for future donations.
In order to Guarantee a selected group receives your donation, we would require a purchase of 31 books. For donations of 250 or more, we can custom print “Donated by: Your Name, Organization or Logo” on the inside cover. Please email for details.


Every day before school take a break from the morning rush.

Spend a minute or two with your child.
Simply flip open the book and when the pages stop read the message.

Later in the evening you take another break.
Look up the passages that went with the message and talk about them.

These few moments of time are precious to both you and your children.

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